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Las Vetas Lounge: Fairfield CT
27 Unquowa Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824
(203) 255-1958 

Las Vetas Lounge, Fairfield CT
Las Vetas Lounge, Fairfield CT
My local Bohemian coffee shop down the street. Open late hours and featuring a warm and vibrant interior decor it has become a favorite second place for Fairfield University and Sacred Heart University students, local teens, artists, and musicians. It is 1 block from a Metro North station - making it a convenient place to fuel up on your way to work. By day Las Vetas is a kid friendly family landing place - and by night it pulses with youthful creativity and energy.

Open Mic Night - Las Vetas Lounge
Open Mic Night - Las Vetas Lounge
I am a big fan of the late night latte. Even though I feel like the resident old man (34yo), I part the seas of teenagers to make my way to the counter at least 3 times each week at 10pm for my evening fix. There is a Starbucks down the road that keeps similar hours - though not quite late enough for me - I would still rather keep my money in the community and I feel like a supporter of what must be someone's hard fought for dream.

I used to work as  a barista at a hyper-local cafe (Steep & Brew) in Madison WI while I was in college. I know that the cafe/coffee biz isn't highly profitable. But, if you can manage to keep a single store like Las Vetas Lounge open - you are living the dream so to speak -
Kid height candy - Las Vetas Lounge
Kid height candy - Las Vetas Lounge
and making money cannot possibly be the motivator for an enterprise such as this.

Cafes like Las Vetas are local community generators. A $2 cup of coffee gets you a comfortable seat in a warm and inclusive environment for the night. The open mic nights provide a stage for a surprising array of talent. There is a variety of seating options so that groups of any size can get comfortable. And, if you want to stay all day and fill out your sketch book you will never feel the pressure to move out.

Downtown Fairfield is only a few blocks long - but it is a vibrant two blocks and the Las Vetas Lounge facade is an integral part of

Las Vetas Lougne
Adult Height Candy - Las Vetas Lounge
the community fabric. It's muttoned and mullioned windows frame a colorful and energetic interior. Those colors spill out onto the street front where there is a nearby pocket park in front of the old Community Theatre. Fairfield Theatre Company and the Metro North Station are around the corner down picturesque Donnelly Walk. At night it is easy to find free parking at the train station and cut over to Unquowa via the Donnelly Walk. And, a block away is the town green with its very New England gazebo. This few blocks of suburbia sizzle on a summer weeknight where teens are showing off their skating and bike tricks and young couples are on their way to a live concert at Old Post Road or Fairfield
Las Vetas Lougne
Las Vetas Lougne
Theatre Company.

Being stuck in Fairfield County is a little less sucky because of a few places that establish that familiar sense of 'home'; Las Vetas Lounge is one of those. 


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Summer hours are longer and begin in May with the return of Fairfield natives from Univerisiy

Monday: 10am-10pm
Tuesday: 10am-10pm
Wednesday: 10am-11pm
Thursday: 10am-11pm
Friday: 10am-11pm
Sunday: 10am-10pm

Regular hours:
Same - except closing is 9pm


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