Frank Pepe's Pizzeria Napoletana

Frank Pepe's Fairfield CT
Frank Pepe's Fairfield CT
You haven't heard of Frank Pepe's Pizza? You haven't been to Connecticut. I was introduced to Pepe's Pizza literally the second day I lived here. If you have traveled to The Coast from the Midwest, and you have a choice of seeing the Ocean or Pepe's Pizza, you should go to Pepe's Pizza first.

Frank Pepe's Pizza Fairfield CT
Frank Pepe's Pizza Fairfield CT
I'm not gonna lie, Frank Pepe's is not my favorite pizza in the world. The best pizza in the world is a St. Louis style served at Tomaso's in Cedarburg WI. But Pepe's is a close second.

Last year when I moved to CT, I arrived two days before my birthday. The office for my new job threw me a birthday party hosted at M Nishball's house - a co-worker, and that is where I experienced Pepe's for the first time. They had a selection of Pepe's best. So I was able to taste the New England classic clam pie, along with Pepe's original tomato pie and the classic standards of peperoni and sausage. From that moment on I was hooked.

Birch Beer
Birch Beer
I spent this Sunday afternoon sailing in The Sound from Southport Harbor with M. Nishball, and after a beer at The Horseshoe I had an appetite for pizza. There was no doubt which pizza I was going to have. As I write this I am pigging out on a peperoni pie from Pepe's and washing it down with Foxon Park White Birch Beer - literally made from birch bark. It helps that I live around the corner from Pepe's in Fairfield.

So, what makes this pizza so good? I'm going to guess that it is the coal fired ovens; the crust is amazing - and I am not a pizza crust fan. Also, the meats are thick cut and cheese is sliced, not shredded. And, one thing I have noticed while standing in line to pick up my orders is that the pizza chefs spread an oil over the cheese - that I believe is unique.

A couple words of advice: you can wait for a real long time to get a table or to pick up. By a long time I mean up to two hours. So, as soon as you know you are going for pizza, place an order. Second, do not forget to try the birch beer. Birch beer and Pepe's are match made in heaven.

Tell me what your favorite pizza is in the comments section below. Is Pepe's really all its made out to be?


Address for your GPs: 238 Commerce Dr, Fairfield, CT
| cooridinates: N41.16696,W073.227829 |
From Bridgeport1 Minute
From New Haven0 Minutes (New Haven Franks)
From Hartford1 Hour
From New London1.5 hour
From Providence2 Hours
From New York1.5 Hours

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Frank Pepe's Pizza

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Roadfood's Michael Stern visits the famous Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana in New Haven, Connecticut, in this production.