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Guvnor's Brewery adds additional momentum to SoNo's up-&-coming craft beer district. Located on historic Washington Street - it is a block down from the finest beer bar in Fairfield County - The Ginger Man, two blocks South of The Brewhouse, and next door to Donnavan's - a good old corner bar. It's clean lines and white table cloths give it an upscale and urban feel. In spite of its London concept, their brewed-on-site offerings are much fuller and brighter than bitter English Lagers. 

IPA and Bread at Guvnor's Brewery - SoNo
IPA and Bread at Guvnor's Brewery - SoNo
I'm not really a food reviewer, so I won't pretend. I just happened to head over for a lunch with my office mates a few days after Guvnor's grand opening - and for their first lunchtime service. So, since I got the scoop, here it is:

The interior is appropriately toned, the atmosphere conversational, the service excellent, the food fantastic, and the beer was very satisfying, fresh, and full bodied. My only complaint is the price - but alas it is the going bistro price in Fairfield County.

So, out of a table of six: two had chili and salads, two had steak sandwiches, and two had fish and chips. I had the fish-n-chips with a deep toned Indian Pale Ale. The table included a bread service, and the chef sent out a sample of his choice appetizer. I'm not sure what it was - but it was kind of like a hard-boiled egg encased in a hushpuppy - unusual ...and tasty. Our table agreed that we would be back.

Fish n Chips - Guvnor's Brewery - SoNo
Fish n Chips - Guvnor's Brewery - SoNo
Our server was right on - able to engage in a bit of small talk comfortably, and was also mindful to provide us the space to have a good conversational lunch. The chef came out to greet us mid-meal, and all of the other servers and hosts made a point of acknowledging us.

So, what more can I say. Should you find yourself in Norwalk, why not give Govnor's a try.

Chili - Guvnor's - SoNo
Chili - Guvnor's - SoNo

Appetizer - Guvnor's -  SoNo
Appetizer - Guvnor's -  SoNo


Address for your GPS: 136 Washington St South Norwalk CT

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