Hiking Macedonia Brook State Park

Hiking at Macedonia Brook State Park
Hiking at Macedonia Brook State Park

The quaint small town of Kent CT is host two magnificent State Parks - Macedonia Brook and Kent Falls. The hiking in Macedonia Brook is exhilarating and offers sweeping views of The Berkshires, Tachonics, and Catskills.

On a 98 degree Saturday in July I decided to drive out to a place that has been on my radar since moving to Connecticut. It was a scenic hour long drive before I made it to Kent - a small town on the border of Connecticut and New York.

I stopped in Kent to pick up a lunch and buy some bottled water at the gas station, and was invited to linger on main street by the tourist friendly shops and outdoor sidewalk sales.  Kent is an artisan villages with plenty of antiques, arts, and craft stores - and one fine bookstore.

It wasn't far to complete the drive to Macedonia Brook. As always, Connecticut State Parks are free of charge - no parking stickers required which is a wonderful benefit of this state.  Macedonia Brook itself babbles along the drive in where there are numerous pull-outs to park and find a perfect picnic spot.

Further in is a small ranger station where campers can check-in. The camping here is rustic - no sign of flush toilets. But with unique and private campsites tucked in along the brook it is hard not to imagine myself spending a night here in a tent. Just to wake up to the kind of Arcadian paradise in the valley where the camps are located is enough reason to spend the night.

catskills in the distance from macedonia brook state park in kent connecticut
Catskills in the distance, Macedonia Brook State Park, Kent CT
I took the white trail which stormed up the side of a steep hill; It was an exhausting trek up which required several breaks to catch my breath - and I wasn't running by any means.

But, once on top, The views opened up and I realized how high I had climbed. The blue green forested hills of three mountain ranges converged before me. I had brought books and spent some time on the summit reading and relaxing. Not a single other soul bothered to intrude - not as though I wouldn't have minded company. But, that brings up the point that the trails are not well traveled in this park and can be difficult to track. There are white paint marks on various trees and on stones where possible. I was unable to find any green marks for; And, the blue marks are a light baby blue. For a while I was following blue marks believing that I was on the white trail.

I took the Blue trail back which was a more interesting trail that passed through solemn pines and over streams along the ridge of the hill I was on.  It eventually descended and let me back onto the main road near the entrance to the state park.

This trail is a little rough, but it could be handled by children 7 and up and healthy adults. I would bring water for certain - but if you don't need to - don't pack any snacks or wear perfumes - there are plenty of bear sightings in the park according to the ranger.

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Tachaonic Range from Macedonia Brook State Park in Kent Connecticut
Tachonic Range - Macedonia Brook State Park - Kent CT

Macedonia Brook Blue Blazed Trail

COUNTY: Litchfield

POINTS OF INTEREST: Macedonia Brook,Cobble Mountain, Pine Hill

Macedonia Brook Trails Map

Address for your GPS: 159 Macedonia Brook Road, Kent CT
| coordinates: N41.768067,W073.494469 |
From Bridgeport1.5 Hours
From New Haven1.5 Hours
From Hartford1.5 Hours
From New London2 Hours
From Providence3 Hours
From New York2 Hours