The Mattabesett Blue Blazed Hiking Trail

Mattabesett Trail Bluff Head
Mattabesett Trail Bluff Head

The Mattabesett Trail is a 50 mile long Blue Blazed Trail in New Haven, Hartford, and Middlesex Counties. A major portion of this trail is a leg of the New England National Scenic Trail (NET). The Mattabesett is made up of 9 distinct sections which rise and fall along trap rock ridges which offer commanding views of The Connecticut River Valley.

Along the way a number of shorter branch and loop trails criss-cross the Mattabesett - such as The Lone Pine Trail, and Seven Falls Trail. The Mattabesett connects to two other Blue Blazed Trails as well: The Menunkatuck, and The Metacomet. It is possible to hike from Long Island Sound to the border of Massachusetts near Springfield along these three trails. You will find links to articles about the various sections of The Mattabesett that I have hiked so far, as well as trail maps and coordinates to parking spots.

Section 6: Bluff Head and Lone Pine

Amongst the blossoming columbines and greening mountain laurel; this year vaulted into the vitality of Spring with a pent up fervor - bursting plumes of golden-green pollen thickened the air so that forested hills on the horizon glowed in a distorting phosphorescent haze. Sunday morning's early light was never before so heavy with gold.

This section of the Mattabesett is wide and easy; Lone Pine Trail is tame and quiet. You'll climb quickly at Bluff Head to get terrific valley views; then Lone pine will take you through the valley past farmsteads and pastures - and alongside babbling brooks. The Parking Lots for this section are spacious, and accommodate many hikers as this section of trail is among the most popular in The State.


Section 9: Mt. Higby

Mattabesett Trail - Mt Higby
Mattabesett Trail - Mt Higby

Mt Higby is a pleasant walk in Autumn. This portion of the trail is popular and well tread. People come for the commanding views of the Quinnipiac Valley. You will be able to spot the CT Police academy below. Also, There is a birds eye view of the Suzio Quarry which crushes basalt rock which is used as fine aggregate in ready mix concrete. Crushed basalt is also spun into fibers and used for ceiling tiles.

Mattabessett Blue Blazed Trail

COUNTY: Hartford, Middlesex, New Haven
COMMUNITIES: Berlin, Middleton, Meriden, Guilford, Wallingford, Durham, North Branford, Haddam


POINTS OF INTEREST: Rock Pile Cave, Bear Hill Pond, Bear Hill, Chinese Wall, Brible Rock Brook, Eagles Break Point, Coginchaug Cave, Selectmen's Stones, Totoket Mountain, Bluff Head, Pistapaug Mountain, Mount Higby, Lamentation Mountain

ARTICLE LINKS: Mattabesett Trail - Bluff Head - Lone Pine - Connecticut Explorer

Mattabesett Trail Map

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Parking Coordinates

Shoulder parking and parking lots may be snow covered and difficult to find. Please respect private property when finding shoulder parking and do not block dirt road entrances or driveways. Use nearby public parking lots whenever possible rather than shoulder parking.


Parking Lot: 1136 River Road, Middleton CT:  41.554169,-72.58177
?? Shoulder: 727 Bear Hill Road, Middleton CT:  41.532397,-72.597673


?? Shoulder: 756 Aircraft Road, Middleton CT:  41.514313,-72.577677
Shoulder: 110 CT154, Higganum CT:   41.507215,-72.582551
?? Shoulder: 205 Brainard Hill Road, Higganum CT:  41.498112,-72.606371


?? Shoulder: 479 Foothills Road, Higganum CT: 41.474316,-72.616685
Parking Lot: 344 Foot Hills Road, Durham CT:  41.480527,-72.629234


Shoulder: 171 Harvey Road, Durham CT:  41.465868,-72.644682
Shoulder: 1 Cherry Lane, Durham CT: -  41.455243,-72.67189


Shoulder: 63 Pisgah Road, Durham CT:  41.449105,-72.667989
Parking Lot: 4448 Durham Road, Guilford CT:  41.40794,-72.696432
Parking Lot: 4851 Durham Road, Guilford CT: 41.419637,-72.68942


Shoulder: 1024 New Haven Road, Durham CT: 41.433753,-72.727605
Shoulder: 50 Howd Road, Durham CT: 41.43923,-72.735192
Shoulder: 608 CT 68, Durham CT: 41.474563,-72.726405


Shoulder: 608 CT 68, Durham CT: 41.474563,-72.726405
Guilda's Restaurant Back Lot, Meriden CT:  41.535174,-72.731784
Park-N-Ride Parking Lot: CT 66, Meriden CT: 41.530697,-72.739619


Guilda's Restaurant Back Lot, Meriden CT:  41.535174,-72.731784
Park-n-Ride Parking Lot: CT 66, Meriden CT: 41.530697,-72.739619


Park Parking Lot: 99 Partridge Lane, Middletown CT: 41.564215,-72.714892
Shoulder Pull-Off: 588 Country Club Road, Middletown CT: 41.56616,-72.72084
Park-n-Ride Lot: 91 Country Club Road, Middletown CT: 41.570491,-72.727138
Cul de sac: 23 Old Wood Road, Berlin CT: 41.595645,-72.742449
Shoulder: 935 Orchard Road, Berlin CT: 41.59287,-72.783446