The Appalachian (AT) Trail in CT

Appalachian Trail's Pine Knob Loop Trail section Photo: Morrow Long
Appalachian Trail's Pine Knob Loop Trail section Photo: Morrow Long

The Appalachian Trail is the most well known hiking trail in the world. It spans approximately 2200 miles, beginning in Georgia and ending in Maine. The Connecticut portion is a paltry 52 miles. It enters the State from the oblong in New York and traverses through the Southern Berkshires. The elevation steadily rises as hikers approach the Massachusetts border.

The AT blazes are white, nonetheless it is considered to be part of the CFPA Blue Blazed Trail State Trail System. The Mohawk Blue Blazed joins the AT and is in fact the remnants of the former AT course before it was rerouted to the West of the Housatonic. There are several established campsites and lean-to's along the CT portion of the AT. By making use of these sites it is possible to hike this section on a long weekend.

Trail Maps are included below. Locations of campsites are approximate.

Appalachian Trail in Connecticut

COUNTY: Litchfield
COMMUNITIES: New Milford, Kent, Cornwall, Canaan

POINTS OF INTEREST: Tenmile River, Rattlesnake Den, Mt. Algo, St. Johns Ledges, Calebs Peak, Prospect Mountain, Lions Head, Ball Brook, Bear Mountain, Sages Ravin

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