Hike to Bash Bish Falls

Bash Bish Falls - Massachusetts
Bash Bish Falls - Massachusetts
Take a day trip just over the border near the intersection of Massachusetts, New York, and Connecticut and you will find one of New England's most powerful natural wonders: Bash Bish Falls. It is difficult to photograph and capture the strength and volume of this falls. For waterfall seekers - this one is a real treat. There are two hikes to get to the glen which surrounds the falls and cascade: You can take an easy flat path that is about 1 mile in length from New York, Or traverse down a steep hill for 1/4 mile from Mass.

Bash Bish Falls - Massachusetts
Bash Bish Falls - Massachusetts
So, this CT Explorer does explore beyond the borders of CT. I took my mother for trip up to The Berkshires - and by that I mean the Northern (Mass) Berkshires. We took a leisurely drive up Route 8, stopped for lunch at LaSalle Market in Collinsville CT and then got on the scenic highway 7 and headed North to Lenox where we stayed for an extended weekend. The trip was refreshing. We did some hiking at  MT Greylock and hid out from the rain at the fantastic and free art museum at Williams College. On our way back we decided that we had a bit of extra time, and I found a blog that recommended Bash-Bish Falls.

The drive to the falls was long and convoluted. Our GPS announced that we had arrived at our destination long before that was true. It was miles more of curving roads before we caught sight of Bash Bish stream. When we found the overfilled parking lot we knew we had reached the right place.

Bash Bish Falls - Massachusetts
Bash Bish Falls - Massachusetts
We began the descent into the valley on foot. This trail was a lot for my mother. And going up wasn't going to be any easier. But, we made it and it was worth the wear. The volume of water flowing over the twin falls is earth shaking. Amateur photographers grappled rocks and fought for the best viewpoints. But, most people sat down on the rocky river banks and took in this scenic gully.

Waterfall lovers will find many falls in New England, but Bash Bish is a stand out. If you are in The Berkshires for some leaf peeping - don't miss this short hike and waterfall.


Address for your GPs: 109 State Route 344
Copake Falls, NY. | cooridinates: N42.108988,W073.487813 |
From Bridgeport2 Hours
From New Haven2 Hours
From Hartford1 Hour 45 Minutes
From New London2.5 Hours
From Providence2.5 Hours
From New York3 Hours

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Bash Bish Falls - Massachusetts
Bash Bish Falls - Massachusetts