Kent Falls State Park

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Kent Falls State Park, Kent Connecticut
Kent Falls is a wide and towering splash; a destination waterfall in New England.

Leaping from marble shelves and swirling in deep potholes the crisp water of Falls Brook drops over 250 feet in spectacular fashion to form the postcard perfect Kent Falls. This Southern Berkshire attraction is a celebrated Connecticut landmark.

Just off the highway a few miles North of Kent CT, Kent Falls State Park is often a first stop for weekenders riding beautiful Route 7 up the Housatonic for a Berkshire holiday. It is also a close detour from Hudson Valley attractions.

The area including and surrounding Kent is a destination in its own right and includes scenic hiking at nearby Macedonia Brook State Park, the Appalachian Trail, and Lake Candlewood. New England charm begins to manifest in the old depot and mill town of Kent which is host to a small artist colony – a taste of things to come along Route 7 in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. Kent is also one of the only towns close enough to the AT to be considered a trail town in Connecticut.

Cooling off in the waterfalls at Kent Falls State Park, Kent CT
Cooling off in the waterfalls at Kent Falls State Park, Kent CT
Scattered along the tiers of Kent Falls gaggles of laughing children and smiling parents enjoyed a bath in cool potholes. Just what a 98 degree July afternoon called for.

Swimming holes here are deep enough to submerge yourself within. Shallow wading areas for children and families who just want to test the water without testing their swimming skills can be approached at the lowest two tiers of the falls.

It is a wonderful respite to sit on a rock refreshing your feet in cool water as the swoosh and spray of this powerful waterfall curtains off busy thoughts. Laughter and pleasant conversation is buoyant in the air.

Children playing and swimming at Kent Falls waterfall, Kent CT
Children playing and swimming at Kent Falls waterfall, Kent CT
Below the falls a green park swarms with picnickers tossing balls and floating frisbees in the air. The smoke and spit of grilling hamburgers, steaks, and BBQ mingles in a fair-like atmosphere. Recreational energy awakens the softer side of souls.

On weekdays or in the Spring and Fall you may find yourself less crowded at Kent Falls. Then the park becomes more pensive – perhaps a place for contemplation and poetry.

A steep staircase trail skirts the side of the falls and cascades of Falls Brook. Along the ascent are many viewing platforms for rest and photography. The further you climb, the deeper you are immersed in a Berkshire hardwood forest.

A forest dark and deep threatens to break promises.

From New York it is an easy and pleasant drive to Kent Falls. Mark this as a must stop on your holiday map. Summertime provides 12 weekends for diversions, Kent Falls should be an annual one.


Address for your GPS: 465 U.S. 7, Kent CT

| coordinates: N41.776753,W073.417515 |

From Bridgeport1.5 Hours
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From Hartford1.5 Hours
From New London2 Hours
From Providence3 Hours
From New York2 Hours


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